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Let Polka-Dotti or Tricia in plain clothes come with her Water Balloon Slingshot. It's a hit! The adults sling the balloons and the kids catch them. I don't know who has a better time. Another crowd pleaser is the Whipped Cream Pass (if lots of kids, then can be done as a relay). All are welcome to sit in a circle. A plate a whipped cream is passed to music. When the music stops, whoever has the plate has a choice to get himself in the face or the person sitting to the right or left of him. You can get some great pics and the kids LOVE it!


Let Tricia tailor your event to create lasting memories! Also available, Family/Friend Wacky Olympics. See description under Corporate Events.

Birthday Parties

Kids don't like to sit and that's why it's great Polka-Dotti has an attention span of a 4 year old. Whether they are tiny and it's their first experience meeting a clown or they are 12 and think they are too cool for school, Polka-Dotti will keep them all entertained...even the adults! No she's not a magician but she does silly magic. No she's not a professional juggler but she juggles...spins plates and gets everyone to move and groove to the music. She's Not a sit down clown! She's a get up and go clown! PolkaDotti enters quietly and leaves the party with a bang. She's great with the not-so-sure little ones because she was once a shy little one.

Party Themes:

Singing Telegrams

Let Tricia create a memory for any special occasion. You give her the info...she'll put it to a tune and get all the guests to sing along with the chorus! You pick the character or let Tricia create one for you. Included with the telegram is a beautiful flower balloon bouquet created especially for that special someone...hand twisted by Tricia.


Flower Balloon Bouquet

Let Tricia deliver one of her flower balloon bouquet creations.


From Stretch Breaks in meetings to Breakfast Olympics to Wacky Olympics to Holiday Parties, and team building let Tricia create something special for your group! Stretch Break: Tricia will jazz up your coffee breaks and wake everyone up. Even a professional with NO rhythm can follow along!

Breakfast/Wacky Olympics

Whether it's short and quick and first thing in the morning or an afternoon of fun. Let Tricia and her referees create a wacky good team building experience. A staff that plays well together works well together and builds commeraderie. Note Joe Jock doesn't have the edge in these wacky games.

AM Games

Wacky Games

Santa and/or Mrs. Claus

Tricia and her hubby have been teaming up for the past 20 + years. Her hubby went from a redhead to a member of the “Irish Blonde Club” at a young age. Now his beard is real...even born on December 6th which is St. Nick's birthday! He's kind and sweet and the kids LOVE him! Then there's Mrs. Claus who's quick witted, rambunctious, and runs the show!