Christmas has become even more special at our house thanks to Madison Entertainment. Our grandchildren and great nieces and nephews wait with bated breath for the arrival of Santa and Mrs. Claus at our annual holiday party. When they finally arrive, the kids are wide-eyed because they make the holiday real. Even the adults get into the spirit and sing along with Mrs. Claus. We wouldn't want to have a holiday without them! - Sue Morison

Tricia showed up at the appointed time and saw the chaotic scene in the kitchen, where I was attempting to platter food AND get the party started. She quietly took charge out in the back yard, unloaded all her props, and like the Pied Piper, got all the kids following her direction and participating in the games. That freed up the adults to chat with each other or watch the excitement. (And it looked like fun!) - Susanne, Party host

I liked the balloon missile game. - Lucy, age 14

I liked the whipped cream game because it went on other people's faces! (But not mine!) - Tierney, age 4

I loved the water balloon slingshot, even though I took a direct hit. - Ainsley, age 9

I liked the water balloon game because it was fun seeing other people get wet. - Niall, age 7

I liked getting whipped cream squirted in my mouth! - Margaret, age 3

These games really brought our family together, even tho the kids are all different ages. Our uncles even played with us! - Alex, age 13

Trish is a big kid herself and made all the games energetic and fun. Great old fashioned fun...especially loved the sack race! Hadn't seen that since I was a kid. - Jackie, mom

Trish fosters friendly competition for kids of all ages. Each game was better than the next! - Eileen, mom

Thank you Tricia. I'm so glad that we hired you to entertain our members at our annual 4th of July family festivities. You ran the pool games without a hitch - AND were able to recruit both kids and parents to participate. Amazing! I think the best events were the "pass the whipped cream pie" and the "slingshot water balloons". I had so many members tell me how fun you were. YOU (and Michael!) made our 4th festivities so memorable and fun! Thank you!!! - Mary Jo, River Forest Tennis Club, Holiday Events co-chair

Mr. & Mrs. Claus are an energetic team which will get your family and friends singing & dancing!! This is a fantastic way to celebrate the holiday season!! - Jenny Sikora, mom